This year DCNet is hosting four skills workshops with the Franklin Forum featuring communications experts John Neffinger and Matt Kohut, long-time debate prep and media coaches for the DCCC and authors of the book, Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential.

On Wednesday, September 24, they will present the third workshop in the series, Prepping the Boss, which tackles the challenge of how to get your principal performing at a consistently high level, ideally without making them hate you. ┬áJohn and Matt are often called on to play the role of counselor/candidate whisperer, and have great advice on dealing with the psychology of someone you’re trying to help who may or may not be in the mood.

Issues covered include
– Top research- and practice-driven performance psychology techniques
– How to cajole the boss to use effective techniques they don’t initially like
– Writing for the boss: how to manage both the writing and the process to happy conclusions
– Text vs bullets: what form of notes and when? How to give them what they need, even when they aren’t sure what that is
– A team approach to getting the boss to do their best

John and Matt will also be taking your questions about particular challenges, in front of the room and/or individually afterwards, so please bring your stickiest challenges and best stories.

The final workshop in the series later this year will focus on best practices for creating and executing effective messaging.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 24, 2:30 PM
RSVP: Here